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Hello! I'm Colombe, a 20 yo girl. I'm French and not very interesting (no joking i'm super interesting).

My main blog is preuvairies (just sayin', this one is just a sideblog).

Also hi, i love u, thank you for being on my blog ♪(*ノ・ω・)ノ♫

Hey hey everybody <3

As I really need money I’m opening commissions! 

Some rules ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

  •  The price is $4 for one character. For more characters it will be higher and we can discuss that ‘v’
  • Payment with paypal (I’d like to accept payment in kind but it’s going to be a bit complicated for several reasons i think)
  • I’ll draw anything except nsfw (that would be weird with chibi I think and you’d end up very disapointed), animals (I can’t draw animals, it’s quite sad) , and that’s all i can think about for now. But that means i can draw fandom related things, OC, people (i’ll just need references), etc.
  • I’ll send you a WIP and wait for your acceptance before starting the drawing. 
  • If you are interested contact at clangard@hotmail.com or here.

Also you can see here some exemples of the drawings i’ll do. 

Have a nice day or night ((ヽ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ))♬



Doing business with my friend elnawen is always a pleasure. I got one of her amazing posters in exchange for an antique(-ish? It’s old but I couldn’t find a date on the books) edition of Les Misérables.

I mean look at Assassin’s Creed-jolras. Look at the beauty!

HAAAAAAAAAA LOOK IT’S MY BABY NEXT TO MY FUTURE BABIES (aka Enjolrassassin next to Les Mis books because I wanted to read them for aaaaaageeees)


plus yeah my baby on a poster me happy ;w;

and yeah, if you guys want a poster too you can have it here: tadaa but it won’t be like this one because I printed these at the supermarket. 


we kept our secrets and rules [fullview at ao3]

Gift illustration for the wonderful drcalvin, based on her own deliciously dark Madeleine-era steampunk dystopia The Tale of Hundred-Faced Jean & the Brass-Hearted Inspector [x]

(Made as part of our second miseres exchange [x], for the request “Valjean, Javert; What-If Scenario”)

Are you still taking requests? Because Courf/Parnasse lovers in cravats and top hots would be sweet^-^.


Of course! Sorry it took me so long I was a little sick those last few days… But here you go! C=

I’m trying to draw with my tablet but i’m bored, and since i like trolling your blog. Here is a gift for you !

Thisis beautiful thank you so much